Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Product Review: NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Cordura

Following on from my product review on NARS Fezeye shadow, I thought I would do another product review on a duel eye shadow palette that I have also from NARS, Cordura.

Cordura has a bronze/brown color and a reddish gray color. They each are quite shimmery and also have some glitter/gold-like flecks throughout, so they are really pretty. Both colors work really well together and the gray shade works great as an eyeliner as well. I like using it as an eyeliner, because not only does it compliment the other color well, but is also good to create a smoky eye without being as harsh as black eyeliner.

Like all other NARS products these have a great color pigment that really stays on for the whole day or night. Also because they are a subtle shimmer they don’t get everywhere. I hate when you have a shimmer shadow and as soon as you touch your eyelid the powder gets everywhere.

So once again NARS delivers on an amazing product.

You can buy NARS from Mecca Cosmetica

Nat xoxo


  1. The colours look quite glittery in the pan but the swatches show how lovely they are :) I think the dark grey would be amazing as a liner, would love to see it on you!

    1. Yeah I've been thinking about added some photos so you can see the colors on. But any time I try to take photos of myself I look a little strange :S

  2. I was playing around in mecca recently and saw this. What took my fancy though were the creamy eyeshadows. I dont buy NARS straight from mecca because it is too expensive. My friend told me about this website where they sell NARS but for american prices (moslty 30-40% cheaper). I ordered a bunch of NARS products so will be sure to post about them on my blog when they arrive, be sure to check it out! (I just started last week) Didn't get any eyeshadows but will keep this one in mind for next time.