Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Product Update: Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold Original

Last year as part of the ABBW (Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend) we were given a Liquid Gold Started Kit by the lovely people at Alpha-H.

To start you off you started with the Prep + Prime and used it until it was finished (they said it should last a month) before you move on to the Liquid Gold original so your skin gets used to the Glycolic Acid.

Well that was back in September/October and it’s now March of the following year and I’m still going on the Prep + Prime. Talk about value for money. So given that they said a month I thought at the beginning of March it should be safe to start using the Liquid Gold original product. I really liked the idea of the Liquid Gold product because you can use it with your current skincare routine; you just use it instead of your skincare regime every second night. So you don’t have to commit to completely changing what you do.

Liquid Gold is a firming and revitalising lotion which boosts your skin’s radiance, helps fight pigmentation, age spots, acne scarring and helps smooth and clear out your skin. The key ingrediates are…
Glycolic Acid (5%) – exfoliate and brighten
Licorice Extract – sooth and brighten your skin and helop reduce dark spots/pigmentation
Silk Proteins - natural amino acid and lipid oils which bind moisture, improve your skins clarity, radiance and texture.

What did I think? I have to say my skin has been pretty good recently thanks to my Rationale essential six night range. But since introducing the Liquid Gold my skin really has an extra glow; my skin is brighter and more radiant. I’ve also noticed that if I get a spot starting to form it is squashed pretty quickly, which is awesome.

I can’t wait to add in the Liquid Gold Radiance, which is the final product in the Liquid Gold starter kit.

You can buy the Liquid Gold kit for $99 on the Alpha-H website.

Nat xoxo


  1. great review! xx


  2. Thanks! It's a pretty great product.