Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say…One hell of a laugh

Sometimes a girl just needs a laugh. And a laugh is what I got when I was introduced to some very tongue-in-cheek amusing YouTube videos by The Platform.

Sh*t Fashion Girls Say is pretty much a parody about stuff that girls in the fashion industry or fashion/style enthusiasts say on a regular basis. And I guess that’s part of the humour; the fact that it is based on real stuff girls say…and not to mention it’s being delivered in a very flamboyant way by a big guy with a beard, who is called P'trique (in the videos anyway).

So of my favourite quotes are…

"She said she was wearing Jason Wu. It was Jason Wu for Target."

“She’s my thin-speration”

“People were actually worried about me. I want to be that thin again”

“Hash tag TOTES AMAZE”

"Totes Wang"

“These are curb to cab heels only!”

“I die!”

“What champagne do you have? No, champagne, that’s sparkling wine. Ok I’ll have Prosecco”

“It looked like Forever 21 threw up all over her”

“Should I get bangs? Do you think I should get bangs? How do we feel about bangs? I think I'm going to get bangs…OH MY GOD I HATE MY BAAAAAAAAAAANGS!”

Ok so it turns out I have a few favourite quotes. And might be slightly obsessed with these videos! Let’s hope The Platform make some more.

Also on a scary note I showed these to my mother and she said “haha he sounds like you!”…I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

Nat xoxo

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