Thursday, 29 December 2011

Product Review: Kevin Murphy’s Colour Bug

Hair colour is a funny thing. Some people are really particular about their hair colour and others don’t really seem to care. I’m not sure where I fit into the mix.

I’ve pretty much had naturally blonde hair with highlights until about 4 years ago when I thought I would give red a try. Then I went to platinum blonde, and then Platinum Ash Blonde, followed by Platinum blonde with darker foils, followed by light blonde with darker foils, until I finally got back to my natural blonde with highlights. So this pretty much too about 2.5 years, and since that epic hair journey I’m really reluctant to change my hair colour again since I think the colour I have at the moment is the best colour for me (given that I’ve tried like 10 other versions).

Cue Lauren Conrad’s multi coloured tips!

I love this look! LOVE LOVE LOVE! And I really want to try it out. But the problem is during this epic colouring fiasco I also cut my hair short. Although it’s not that short anymore I don’t want to colour the tips and end up with short hair again because I needed to cut the colour out.

Cue Kevin Murphy’s Colour Bug!

This would have to be one of the most amazing hair inventions in the world! Yes I went there…IN THE WORLD!

Basically all you do is apply the colour, which is a powder texture, to the part of your hair that you want coloured.

Cue photo of me in a taxi on Tuesday (last week) after purchasing said colour bug!

What do I think? This is a pretty amazing product. I find it works really well for my hair because I’m blonde, but the girl in the salon showed me in her hair, which was dark, and it looked good too. The only thing is unless you put hair spray over the top I does come out after about 1.5-2 hours. This can be annoying (as it was on Tuesday last week since I didn’t have any hair spray), but at the same time is good to know that it won’t change the colour of your hair. So all in all I would say winner! The powder also tends to get everywhere, so just make sure you have a towel around your shoulders before applying and also make sure you don’t apply on a carpet or something that might stain.

You can buy the Colour Bug in 3 awesome colours (pink, purple and a red coral) at Kevin Murphy stockiest salons. Plus it’s only $24.95…BARGIN!

Personally I’m going to go and get the other colours ASAP!

Nat xoxo


  1. I just did a quick google and it appears you can also purchase online - huzzah! I think I might get some :)

  2. Love the pink in your blonde hair - so cute!

    This would be perfect for NYE!

  3. Thanks! Yeah I used it for X-Mas Day and it looked pretty good. Might give it a go tonight as well.

  4. Wow it looks amazing in your hair! This makes me wish I could go blonde hehe! xx

  5. The lady in the salon had dark hair and the colour came up nicely on her hair as well, so you are in luck! :)