Thursday, 15 December 2011

Product Review: Nutrimetics’ Ultra Care + Micro Dermabrasion Kit

Quite a few of my friends love Nutrimetics. I’ve been to quite a few Nutrimetics paties in my time but I’ve never really been interested in most of their products. There have been a few things that caught my eye over the year, but nothing that I really thought I’d want to use myself.

Well that was the case until I can across their Micro Dermabtasion kit. I tired this out at a party a few years ago and it looked really good. But it wasn’t until my friend had a X-Mas Nutrimetics party a few weeks ago that I got one myself.

There are 2 products in this kit, 1. Resurfacer, which is the micro dermabrasion part, and 2. Rehydrator SPF 25 lotion. So really this is more like a products review…

1. Resurfacer. This is the 1st step. You basically use it like you would any other exfoliator. I personally use mine in the shower because it’s just easier.

The Resurfacer contains Micro-fine Quartz Crystals to remove dead skin and Lavender extract to soothe and calm the skin.

2. Rehydrator. This is the 2nd , and final, step. This is essentially a post resurfacer moisturizer. It also has an SPF 25, because you skin is more susceptible to the sun after you exfoliate, especially with a stronger exfoliating product like the resurfacer.  

The Rehydrator contains Sea Buckthorn Oil to nourish and hydrate as well as the SPF for sun protection.

What did I think? I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this kit, well mainly with the resurfacer. I find it’s a gentle exfoliator but is stronger then most exfoliators (hense the micro dermabrasion part). The directions say to use it once or twice a week. I’ve been using it once a week and I’m happy with the results. I have the unfortunate problem of large pores on my nose and sometimes they tend to get slightly blocked, but the resurfacer has really helped. As far as the rehydrator, it’s a nice moisturizer. It’s not too thick so it goes on really nicely and it also has a pleasant smell. However it didn’t really rock my socks if you catch my drift. It’s a nice product but isn’t anything special.

So overall I liked this kit, but personally it’s only really worth it for the Resurfacer. Shame you can’t buy it on it’s own.

If you would like to get your own Micro Dermabrasion Kit you can pick one up from the Nutrimetics website for $85.

Nat xoxo


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  2. Was just doing a google seach on reviews and came accross this. Apparently they are legally obliged to sell a moisuriser with and SPF in it. Thats why it comes in a pack. You are right, the pack is great!

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