Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Year, New Me – enter 2012 ultimate health goal!

I’m really excited that it’s a new year. Not because 2011 was really horrible or anything, it was just very intense and full so.

I’m uber excited to be done with uni (for now), back to work full time and all in all get my life in order, and that includes my new goal to get super healthy!

Enter 2012 Ultimate Health Goal!

I’m a firm believe that the way to treat your body is directly linked to what you look like and that everything you put into your body or do to your body has an effect. I also think that it doesn’t matter what skincare you use if you don’t take care of yourself because I won’t work unless you give it something good to work with.

Enter the Body Ecology Diet!

A friend from work is a bit of a health nut like me, and she has gotten me to eat a lot better over the past year and recently told me about this amazing diet. It’s more of a body re-balance and cleanser then a diet.

The way the Body Ecology Diet works is by ridding your body of all the nasties and toxins that build up to result in overall better health and wellbeing.

There are 7 key principles, but the main gist of it is no sugar, no gluten, no dairy and all pure and healthy foods. You also can’t have any artificial sugar, so no diet cokes for Nat L. Another big thing is probiotics and hot water with lemon…try drinking a hot glass of water with a whole lemon 1st thing in the morning. Not easy.

This diet is really about making you function like a well-oiled machine.

It also works on a balance system of 80/20. Everything should be 80% veggies and 20% grain or 20% protein. Also you should only eat until you are 80% full.

I know it all sounds very complex, difficult and not fun!  But the results will be an overall healthier Nat with better skin, 100% functioning body and sporting my natural body shape (i.e. if you have excess kgs to lose they will go, personally I’m most excited about this).

I’m currently on stage 1 – which goes for about 3 months and is the hardest part…YIPPEE!

Wish me luck! And I will keep you posted on how I go and the results/benefits!

And I may even post a recipe here and there should you wish to try some of it out for yourself!


Nat xoxo

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