Saturday, 7 January 2012

Product Review: Illamasqua Nail Polish in Scorn

I love Illamasqua products. They always manage to do a great quality product that’s just that little bit special. I have used several of their products ranging from blush to eyeliner.

But their really special product, in my eyes anyway, is their nail polishes. The really special thing about their nail polishes, apart from the amazing colours, are their textures. They have the standard high gloss finishes, matte finishes, satin finishes and even rubber finishes. Yep you heard me rubber! How unbelievably amaze balls is that!

I have three of their lovely colours in Scorn, Vice and Propaganda

Since I love them so much I thought it would be a good idea to do some posts on them!

First up is Scorn, which is a black matte colour.

What did I think? I really love this colour because it’s not a true matte black. It doesn’t have the dimensions of a high gloss polish but has a slight satin finish. It applies really well and I also find if dies really quickly (more then most other nail polishes). I also find that it doesn’t chip a lot, which is great because I hate skanky nails. All in all a great colour that’s a little bit different then your everyday black!

I got mine in America so I only paid $14, but I think you can pick them up from Myer for about $34. More then your average colour but they really are awesome.

Nat xoxo


  1. That's a huge price jump in Aus - yikes! I know of someone who has started a business of shipping stuff to Aus from the US (when they won't usually ship here) and from what it seems it's much cheaper to do it that way.

  2. Yeah it's really crazy. HopShopGo is a really good website for shipping things out here from the US.