Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Product Head To Head: Battle of the Bronzers

If you’ve seen any photos of me on this blog (or anywhere else) you would have noticed that I’m pretty fair. I have been called everything from see-thought to pasty. I myself prefer the term porcelain. It just sounds better. 

So when it comes to choosing a bronzer I have to be very picky as most are way too dark.
I have discovered two that I think are worth a big mention, Benefit’s Hoola and Nars’ Laguna. 

I love both these bronzers because I can use them on my milky white skin and it doesn’t look like I got dirt on my fact. Yes I have had that problem in the past with bronzers. People did think I had dirt on my fact because it was too dark. 

Oh the shame.

First Up Benefit’s Hoola!

Hoola is a light brown matte bronzer. It also comes in this cute little box! I really do love Benefit’s packaging.

What did I think? This is a really great bronzer because you can build up the colour. That means really white people like me can use it and it looks natural. The matte effect also means that it’s really wearable during the day and you can also wear it at night with an illuminator over the top. The only problem I found it that the colour builds up really quickly, so if you are like me and only looking for a light bronze effect be careful when you first put it on.

Next Is Nars’ Laguna!

Laguna is a light brown bronzer with light golden shimmers. Also a call out about the packaging, how sleek is it?! Nars are great like that. Simple and elegant!

What did I think? This is really the perfect bronzer for me. It’s light, the light golden shimmer gives your skin a great glow plus it’s a really subtle colour so you can’t make the mistake of applying too much first off (unless you soak your brush in it that is). I really can’t rave about this product enough!

And if that didn’t give it away, the winner is Nars’ Laguna. For my skin tone you really can’t beat it. It works both during the day and at night. A special mention to Hoola because it’s also a great product, not as good, but still a great product.

You can buy Benefit’s Hoola for $28 on the Benefit website and you can buy Nars’ Laguna for $55 

Happy Bronzing!

Nat xoxo

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