Monday, 2 January 2012

Tis the season to by jolly…

Well following on from my last post, I'm a little behind in the blogs. So even though X-Mas and New Years are behind us I thought I would share some of my X-Mas Cheer with you. 

This year I got 2 really great beauty gifts that I have been lusting after…

The 1st amazing beauty gift that I got was the new Balenciaga L'Essence perfume. 

I have been lusting after this since I saw a sample of it back in September, so I was really happy to get it this X-Mas. If you haven't smelt it yet pop into a DJs and check it out! It's amazing (well I think it is anyway). I also love their original Paris perfume as well. Balenciaga is just an amazing brand all round.

The 2nd amazing beauty gift I got was a pink Clarisonic Plus! 

I have been after a Clarisonic for so long but I just never had the cash to spare. So again very happy with this gift.

I also got 2 Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips for my work KK. 

I got 180 Red-Y For Trouble and 320 Kitty, Kitty. Both are really great and I will more then likely do a post once I apply them to show you all. 

Hope you all got some amazing presents as well.

Nat xoxo


  1. Awesome presents! Those Balenciaga bottles are so beautiful! Let us know how the clarisonic goes, I've heard such great things about it. Those nail polish strips are gorgeous :)

  2. Yeah you really can't go wrong with Balenciaga. The perfume is so lovely.

    I will do a post on the Clarisonic soon. So far I love it, but i want to test it a bit longer and start to see how my skin changes (if it changes).