Thursday, 9 February 2012

Nutrimetics Haul

So I posted last week that I had a Nutrimetics Party and had a great afternoon with some of my girls.
I also may have done a spot of shopping! Over the years of going to about 50 Nutrimetics parties, I have tried out a lot of their products and I thought I would give a few a bit of a test run. Also Nutrimentcs had a few deals on so I got a few things extra as well (YAY free stuff!).

The first thing I bought was the Ultra Care Peel Crème. 

This product works like a normal peel with natural fruit acids and also doesn’t contain any chemicals. I’m always trying to reduce the pores on my nose so hopefully this product helps. I also got a free Ultra Care Complexion Refiner, which is another powder exfoliator product.  I feel a review coming along…

I also got a Ultra Care Lip Apeel which is a lip exfoliator and intense hydration lip cream. I also got a free ultra gloss lip colour with it. I got Nude.

I’ve tried a few of the Nutri-Spa products before, but I hadn’t tired the Relaxing Eye Pillows so I thought I would give them a go. 

They are described as a 5-minute spa in a jar with Malachite, grapefruit and cucumber extracts.  

Since I’m obsessed with coloured eyeliners I got 2 shimmer eye pencils, one in Neon and Twilight.

I wasn’t going to get anything else but then I saw that the Soul Renewal, which in a mandi kit in a jar, was only $10. So I got that as well.

Also for hosting the party and having people buy things I also got this…

Pretty awesome huh?! It’s the Nutri-Rich rewards pack, which contains the Nutri-Rich Bathing Bar, Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment, Nutri-Rich Oil, Nutri-Rich Body Crème and the Nutri-Rich Moisturizing Body Satin (which is the most amazing product! Everyone should have it in his or her bathroom).

I really look forward to trying these products out and no doubt will do a post of two reviewing some of them.

Nat xoxo

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