Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Product Review: Nutrimetics Lip Apeel

A while I go I hosted a Nutrimetics party and one of the things I bought was the Lip Apeel. The Lip Apeel is a two in one product, a lip exfoliant and a lip conditioner.  Lip exfoliants are great to use when you are going to be wearing lipsticks or something of the sort because it keeps your lips looking smooth and good.

They say that the Lip Apeel step 1 has microcrystalline wax to remove lifeless skin cells and lipstick residue from the lips and sea fern concentrate to firm and plump skin on the lips. Step 2 has Sandalwood extract to soothe and nourish lips.

What do I say?  I think this is a great product. The lip exfolient works really well. But be careful not to over use it because it does take some skin off. It’s great at removing all the dead skin and leaving your lips feeling great. Your lips feel really smooth and soft even before applying the balm after. The Balm is a really beautiful product. Overall I would have to say it’s a winner.

Nat xoxo

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