Monday, 2 July 2012

Brand Update: Environ AVST range

Over a month a go I got some of the Environ range to try out. And my initial thoughts were the products were really great, plus my new beauty salon also uses them.

Well after using them for about 5 week I have to say I'm obsessed. The pores on and around my nose have always been an issue and since using the Environ products I have noticed a change. My pores are drastically smaller, which I never thought would happen. That alone makes these products amazing for me. I have also notices that the overall clarity of my skin is a lot better. I normally get a pimple once a month (during "that" time), but since using Environ I haven't been getting any. Amazing right.

The AVST 1 moisturising cream has been the stand out product for me, however all of the products are pretty good.

All in all I'm a pretty happy camper!

Nat xoxo

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