Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Alpha-H - Liquid Gold

Alpha-H was one of the brands that we got to find out heaps about as part of the ABBW. Alpha-H does a range of products, but they specifically spoke to us about their cult products Liquid Gold. Now I love cult products because I find they tend to work better then your standard run of the mill products.

Ok on to Liquid Gold. I found this product really intriguing because it goes on like a toner, but it’s designed to work alone. So you don’t put anything else on your skin. This is a bit of a new concept for me, as I’ve never see a stand along product like that before. Liquid Gold as a product is supposed to help skin tone and texture, help with spots, pores, acne scars and pigmentation. Liquid Gold is also designed to work in with your current skincare routine, as you use it 3 nights a week. I really liked this about the product because it really doesn’t require you to stop using any of your current products.

Another little fun fact about Liquid Gold, apparently a bottle is sold every minute of every hour of every day. That’s a lot of product.

As part of the ABBW we got the Liquid Gold Skin Perfecting System starter kit. This kit features Liquid Gold Original, Liquid Gold Prep + Prime and Liquid Gold Radiance.

You start by using the Liquid Gold Prep+ Prime. The Prep + Prime is designed to introduce your skin to the Liquid Gold product. You use this every morning until the bottle is empty and like the Liquid Gold you don’t put anything else on your skin, except for sun protection.

Liquid Gold Prep + Prime contains 90% natural products with a splash of glycolic acid.

I started using the Prep + Prime 5 days ago and so far I’m really impressed. I thought my skin might get a bit dry without using anything else of a morning, except sun protection, but it’s not at all. I have already noticed that my skin just looks better; you know when you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror and your skin just looks great. So I’m really impressed with it.

Once I finish using the Prep + Prime, I’ll move on to the Liquid Gold Original. As mentioned before Liquid Gold is to be used 3 times a week at night. And again it’s to be used alone.
Liquid Gold is made with 73% natural products and contains liquorice and silk proteins as well as glycolic acid.

We were told that you could move on to Liquid Gold Radiance after you finished Liquid Gold Original, or use both at the same time (not on the same day though). Liquid Gold Radiance is to be used the same way as Liquid Gold Original. The difference between the two is that Radiance has additional ingredients to focus on pigmentation in the skin and help skin stay younger looking for longer. It also helps hyper pigmentation, which can be caused by hormones in women.

Liquid Gold Radiance is made with 67% natural products and contains Ferulic acid, which is from plants, Niacinamide, Gluconic acid and Glycolic acid.

All 3 Liquid Gold products contain 5% Glycolic acid, but Prep + Prime has a higher pH level so you can wear it during the day.

What I also like about these products is that they require you to wear sun protection. This is something that you’re supposed to do anyway but so many people don’t. I do find that this has a major impact on premature aging. So anything that encourages sun protection is awesome in my book.

Watch this space for updates on how my experience with Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold goes. 

Nat xoxo 


  1. Hi Natalie,

    Are you still using the Liquid Gold? And you did not mention price? ;-P



    P.S. I'm liking the blog, but I'd love more indepth analysis if the actual ingredients. I am not a fan of highly processed chemicals and all the -ates, - ides etc.

  2. I really like the liquid Gold, am interested in trying the radiance. I reviewed on my blog too. Following you now and looking forward to hearing your thoughts after you've been using a while :)

  3. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the follow :) I've done an update on the Prep + Prime here http://nataliemonds.blogspot.com.au/2011/11/product-update-alpha-hs-liquid-gold.html

    I'll also be doing a post about Liquid Gold original soon :)

    Looking forward to checking out your blog too