Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Brand in the spotlight: Mirenesse

I first discovered Mirenesse a few months ago when I got a lip colour in the very first Lust Have It Pack and I discovered even more about it during the ABBW. I told you I would be banging on about the ABBW for a while!

We received a full size mascara in our ABBW Lust Have It Luxury Lust Packs and also got this beauty box of goodies from Mirenesse in one of our amazing goodie bags.

I think this was one of the highlights in the goodie bags because a) the packaging looked amazingly cute and b) the products looked really good. The box was full of Mirenesse’s new range Boutique M. And the products got were a) Rich Girl – Pearl Crush Trio Eyeshadow b) Closer – Tight Liner c) The Buzz – Vibralash 24hr Mascara d) The One – Viva Eternal Gloss e) The Fairest – Invisible Fill Make-up.

Rich Girl – Pearl Crush Trio Eyeshadow (I got Akoyo Pearls)

I have used these eyeshadows and they are great; they are highly pigmented and I also like that you can apply a small amount of water to your brush and the eyeshadow turns into a liner.

Closer – Tight Liner (I got Caviar Black)

This is an amazing eye liners because it’s like a pen. You literally draw on whatever line you want. So easy to use and it’s really long lasting, from morning til night.

The Buzz – Vibralash 24hr Mascara (I got Electric Black)

It’s a vibrating mascara! Pretty awesome huh?? I haven’t tried this out yet because I’m making my way through a few others, including another Mineresse mascara, but I will test it out soon. Mineresse became famous through their Secret Weapon mascara (which we got in our ABBW Luxury Lust Packs), so I’m keen to try this one out as well.

The One – Viva Eternal Gloss (I got Play Bunny)

I love this lip gloss! This shade is amazing, vibrant and not sticky (which is a biggie for me when using lip gloss). The pigment is really great as well so you don’t need to use heaps.

The Fairest – Invisible Fill Make-up (I got Airbrush Line Filling Mattifier)

I really like this product because it’s SPF 10 and has a really great texture. When I used it, it left my skin looking really good and my completion really even.

What I also liked about Mirenesse is that their products are free from talc, alcohol, SLS, parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol, synthetic dyes, perfumes and they are animal cruelty free. So Mineresse is free from all the nasties. I’ve really started to take more notice of the ingredients in products, and it’s amazing how many of them contain things that aren’t good for you. So it’s great to see brands making “clean” products.

You can purchase Mirenesse products from their website.

Nat xoxo


  1. I haven't tried most of the products from Mirenesse yet but I tested Mascara Vibrant brush and I love it. I stopped using my eye makeup remover from Chanel!

  2. Ok awesome. That's the one I haven't tried yet so keen to give it a go :)

  3. Thanks for the swatches! This stuff looks AMAZING!!! :)