Thursday, 6 October 2011

Haircare: Products I love at the moment

I normally don’t get really excited about haircare products. I’m not sure why. I guess skincare is really more my expertise in the beauty realm, so haircare has never really excited me too much before.
But! That’s right there is a “but”, there are a few products that I’ve started using over the past month that I really feel the need to share because they are amazing products.

The first amazing haircare products I love at the moment is Davines No 1 Finest Oil Non Oil for Wizards. 

Pretty confusing name huh?? Well it pretty much has the same texture as hair oil without actually being oil. You can add it to dry or wet hair; personally I’ve been using it in towel damp hair and since I’ve been using it I really don’t need to use my hair straighter; no more fly away hairs, no more fuzz, no more frizz. It has to be magical or something! I’ve also noticed that since using it my hair just looks better, shinier, brighter, just all around nicer. This non oil oil has really put me in a good hair mood. 

The second amazing haircare product that I love at the moment is Sebastian’s Mono Haircolor Shampoo and Conditioner. 

I know technically it is 2 products, but they are a set, so they are number 2. I got these from the Maxted Thomas gala event as part of the ABBW. I have never used Sebastian products before, but I have to say I’m really impressed. I’ve been told they are great and now I can vouch for it myself.

But! Yep another but; the conditioner has a special factor. It’s foam. That’s right, you heard me FOAM! At first I thought it was a little weird, but after trying it I must say it’s pretty awesome. Since using the shampoo and conditioner, apart from having a fun shower experience, I’ve noticed my highlights look really fresh, almost like I’ve just had them done. My hair has also felt hydrated and soft.

My last amazing haircare product that I love at the moment is Nak’s Fixation Finishing Spray

I started using this a few months ago and it’s really amazing. What I love about this hairspray is that it keeps your hair feeling like, well hair! It doesn’t leave your hair feeling really crunchy and ‘fake’ that hairspray tends to do. Once you spray it on your hair, your hairstyle hold plus you can still run your fingers through your hair, which I tend to do a lot. 

And that’s it folks, some amazing haircare products for me to you.

Nat xoxo 


  1. I would buy the Davines non oil just for the name! So awesome :)
    I didn't actually make it to Sebastian's corner at the gala dinner, I think I would feel a little weird using a foam conditioner....

  2. Hey Girl! I found your link on the beauty blog hop and am now following you. Please feel free to check out my beauty blog too. :)


  3. Davines No. 1 Finest Oil Non Oil. its a professional cosmetic products for hairstyling salons and esthetic centers.really it Protects my hair from damage.