Monday, 20 June 2011

Face Masks

I have found that face masks seem to be the forgotten skincare product. Usually they are only associated with in facial treatments, or something that you do once and a while for a bit of fun (they are pretty fun!). But face masks, when used correctly, can be a great way to keep skincare woes at bay. The problem is finding the right mask to suit your skin type. Here is a breakdown of what masks are good for what kind of skin type (YAY!).

Dry – If you have dry skin a rich mask can be more effective then a really heavy moisturizer. An enzyme mask does a great job of dissolving dead skin without irritating the skin. However try to avoid a strong enzyme mask as well as clay or mud masks if you have dry sensitive skin.

My recommendations for dry skin are...

1. Nude's Intense Moisture Mask

2. Mario Badescu's Enzyme Revitalising Mask

Oily – Clay and Mud masks are great drying options for oily skin because they draw out impurities and absorb excess oil. If you have acne, clay masks that bring down the redness are best.

My recommendations for oily skin are...

1. Origins' Out Of Trouble 

2. Nude's Deep Cleansing Mask
Combination – Combination skin is good because most masks work will with this type of skin. However sheet masks are especially good because they have a 1-time use. This means that you can change your mask depending on what your skin is doing at the time.  

My recommendations for combination skin are...

1. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
2. Olay's Regenerist Masks
And here are a few other masks that don't really apply to any of the above but are worth a mention...

1. Nude's Miracle Mask
2. Super's 3-Minute Facial Intensive Treatment

Personally, I love a good mask and try to use they a few times a week.

Are there any masks that you live by?
Are you a fan of the face mask?

Nat xoxo


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