Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sample Boxes

Everyone loves trying beauty products, especially when they don’t have to pay for them. The brands like doing sampling because it gets their products in the consumers’ hands and made consumers more likely to buy their products (if they like them that is).

So it was only a matter of time before a more productive way of doing this was invented; and it came if the form of a company called Birchbox. The Birchbox is an American company that was started by 2 Harvard Business School students, Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp.  What the Birchbox does it delivers the best products and insider secrets to its members. So you pay a fee of $10 (US) a month and in return you receive full access to the Birchbox site (including their store) and you also receive 4-5 luxury samples delivered right to your door in a cute little box!
How amazing does the box look?!
This is another one of Birchbox's product boxes 
So needless to say that once this started to take off, the rest of the world would follow suit.
The UK has launched their own version called Glossy Box, which no ships to a number of other countries.
I really love Glossy Box's packaging! It's so pretty
Glossy Box have awesome product samples as well
And Australia in the process of launching their own version, or versions I should say. In a matter of week, 4 different sites have launched that are pretty much going to be doing the same thing as Birchbox. Now at first I thought maybe it was all the same company, but no they all appear to be different. Personally I’m not sure how that will work since they will be competing for the same brands/companies.
But it also means they there are options for which box you can sign up for. Hopefully it also makes them be a little more competitive (i.e. we might end up benefitting and getting better products or more luxury samples).  So I thought I might give a little snapshot on each company!

Lust have it!

‘Lust have it!’ will cost $14.95 a month and so far the brands that are on board are Naked Tan, Dermalogica, Lancôme, Pure Fiji, Mirenesse and Burt’s Bees; so pretty good brands! Also ‘Lust have it!’ have an advantage as the other companies are in beta stages and won’t be sending off their 1st box for a few months; whereas ‘Lust have it!’ will be starting their sign ups soon (i.e. in a few weeks). 


RedMeow will cost $10 a month and so far the brands that are on board are Aesop, Jurlique, Napoleon, Model Co, Bloom, Mirenesse, Becca, La Clinica, Face of Australia, Australis, Kora, Om She, Lumiere, Eles and Nars, so some pretty big brands. So far RedMeow are taking e-mail addresses for a waiting list. Apparently they will contact you when there is a place available.

The Beauty Box

The Beauty Box will be $14.95 a month and so far they haven’t released any brands yet. They are also taking details and will contact you when there is a place available.

The Haute Box

The Haute Box is also $15 a month and they also haven’t released any brands yet. They will be releasing the date for their 1st box in a few days.

I really don’t know what to expect with any of these companies, especially since they don’t appear to be linked to any of the companies from overseas. I plan on signed up for them all for the 1st few months (trust me to get one of everything :p), and then once I see what they are like then I can decide which ones I want to keep going with.

Hopefully they are as good as Birchbox and Glossy Box!

Nat xoxo 


  1. I'm totally signing up for one. I picked redmeow, though I'd be interested to hear what you think of the others if you're trying them all!

  2. Well Lust Have It is launching on the 1st of July (uber excited!). Beauty Box will have their 1st box launch in Aug/Sept. RedMeow don't have a launch date yet, but they are supposed to launch around the same time. But I have heard that RedMeow aren't aligned with Becca (who they are still featuing as one of the brands on the site), so I will be interested in how they go.