Friday, 10 June 2011

Essie Spring 2011 Collection Part 1

About a month ago I bought Essie’s 2011 Spring Collection called ‘French Affair’.

The colors from left to right are: French Affair (lavender pink), Topless & Barefoot (soft beige pink), Coat Azure (medium blue with shimmer), Nice Is Nice (light lavender), Sand Tropez (soft sandy beige) and Kisses & Bises (pink shimmer).

Each week I’m testing out a different color in the collection. So far I have tests out 3 of the colors and here is what I thought of them!

Week 1: Sand Tropez

I LOVE this color! It’s such a great neutral/beige color that is perfect for summer, spring, winter…well pretty much all year round.

Don’t my nails look pretty??
My rating for Sand Tropez is LOVE….or 9/10.

Week 2: French Affair

Now I had a problem with French Affair, I wouldn’t really call it lavender pink. It’s a very nice pink, but lavender pink?

Nonetheless I still like the result.
My rating for French Affair is PRETTY…or 8/10.

Week 3: Coat Azure

This color was a bit of a wild card. Most of the colors in the collection were very soft and pretty, and Coat Azure is a little but ‘in your face’.

What do you think?? I really like the bold blue. I also like that it doesn’t have as much shimmer as it looks like it does in the bottle. The color also makes me happy because it reminds me of the Mediterranean Sea.
My rating for Coat Azure is HAPPY…or 8/10.

I have more in depth reviews on my tumblr page.


Nat xoxo

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