Saturday, 18 June 2011

Tatcha Blotting Papers

I have a really oily t-zone. It’s one of my pet-peeves. I really hate it when you out, you make-up is looking hot and you go to the bathroom only to find your nose couldn’t get any shinier even if you had applied a mile of shimmer.

So I pretty much spend half my time finding ways to look less shinny, whether it is trying new primers, blotting paper, oil free foundations or oil free moisturizers. If it’s oil free chances are I’ve tried it. 

The hunt for the perfect anti-oil product led me to discover the amazing-ness that is Tatcha Aburatorigami Blotting Papers.

Tatcha Blotting Papers are handmade from abaca fibers and real gold leaf, so they are all natural and highly absorbent. What’s also amazing about them is that they absorb oil without ruining your make-up (amazing huh!), which is a problem with most blotting papers.

The concept originated back in the time of the Geisha in Japan. The Geisha used these papers to keep their skin matte and to also help create a canvas for her make-up. Tatcha was founded less then a year ago, and have already become a cult beauty favorite.

So needless to say when I found out about these I went straight out and purchased some (last Tuesday), and I’m amazed. I have been using them every day and they make such a different. They are amazing at removing oil and leaving my skin looking lovely and fresh. They also do a really good job of leaving most of your make-up in place. I mean your make-up is never going to look as fresh in the middle of the day (or night), but if you have make-up on it won’t remove much.
My blotting papers

Also what I really like is each sheet is pretty large and you can use both sides. So one sheet does you for the whole day.
See how much oil they have absorbed!
I would have to say this is a must have product for any woman with oily skin!

You can pick some Tatcha Blotting Papers up at Mecca Cosmetics for $16 for 30 sheets (and they aren’t expensive either).   

Do you have really oily skin and hate it?
Are you going to get yourself some Tatcha Blotting Papers?

Nat xoxo

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