Monday, 4 July 2011

Biotherm Skin Ergetic

So last weekend as well as going to Zoe Foster’s Amazing Face book launch/signing, I also took a little trip to Myer. Biotherm and Myer One were running a promotion last week for the launch of Biotherm’s new range Skin Ergetic.  All you had to do was go in-store, present your Myer One card and you got to choose between the Day Cream and the Night Cream.

Since I just got a new Day Cream, I chose the Night Cream. The lovely Biotherm lady also gave me some samples of the day cream as well.

Skin Ergetic is an anti-fatigue range that is designed to reduce the signs of fatigue so they don’t turn into the signs of aging (neat huh!).  So this routine is said to smooth and plump your skin, make your features look refined and rested and make your complexion look radiant and even.

What I really like about this range is that it is Paraben-free, Mineral oil-free, Synthetic colorant-free and the fragrance is 100% natural origin. The serum’s ingredients are 99% natural and the day & night cream’s ingredients are 97.5% natural.  I really like this factor about the range. I haven’t really paid much attention to Biotherm before but this has made me sit up and take notice.
Here is a breakdown of all the products in the range.

1. Skin Ergetic Serum promotes the skin’s production of antioxidants, stimulated your skin’s self-repairing system and helps your skin fight off external aggressions. The 5 key ingredients are Broccoli, Soy, Apples, Lemon and Sugar Cane (sounds like some kind of bake not a skincare product!).

2. Skin Ergetic Day Cream stimulates mitochondrial energy production, which provides nutrients to the skin while protecting your skin from external and internal free radicals. The 5 key ingredients are Zakuro, Apple, Grape, Orange and Tomato.

3. Skin Ergetic Night Cream aids in acceleration of the detoxifying process of the skin, activating the elimination of waste and toxins in cells. The 5 key ingredients are Berry, Green Soya, Root, Green Tea and Blackwheat.

This does sound like a great range and I can’t wait to test out the night cream.
I will give my review of it once I’ve tested it.

Did anyone else get a Skin Ergetic Sample?
What do you think about this new range? Do you find it as interesting as me?

Nat xoxo


  1. Damn missed out! How do you know about all these deals?? Please tell me next time so I can get free stuff too hehehe :P

  2. haha I read too many beauty blogs :P I'll let you know next time something comes up