Thursday, 7 July 2011


Ever since I discovered the Beauty Department (check out my post HERE and HERE) I have been looking through all the wonderful things that the site has to offer. I’m very impressed at how much is already on the site given the short time it has been up and running!

Yesterday there was a really great post on Brows 101. Lauren Conrad has really good brows so it was fitting that she did a 101 post on them.  Check out the post HERE.

Brows are getting a lot of attention in the world of beauty at the moment (and have been for some time).  They are a pretty important facial factor and they do change the shape of your face. Trust me, as someone who used to have really thin brows; it looks really bad if your brows are too thin!

There are also a few key tools that you should get as well to maintain your brows, like a good pair of tweezers, a brow pencil or gel and a good brow brush.  And here are my picks!

1. Tweezers. Don’t skimp of tweezers. They don’t really have an expiration date so if you do get a good pair they can last you for years. I’ve had mine for ages. I've also used a number of different types of tweezers and I find a fine angled edge works best for getting out hairs.

My picks are either Bobbi Brow’s or Shu Uemura’s tweezers.
2. Brow Pencils/Gels. You really can’t go past Benefit when it comes to brows and they have some really great brow products and sets. I personally really love their sets, because they not only cater for brows but also the eye region.

My ultimate brow pick is Brows A Go Go.

If you don’t want a kit that extensive I also recommend Brow Zing.
Also both these sets come with really good tweezers so you save yourself money! YAY SAVINGS!

3. Brow Brush. This is a bit of a no brainer. You don’t need to spend too much money on this either, a Spooly (or is it Spoolie? I'm not sure) Brush is the best and they don’t cost that much.

4. Get someone professional to shape your brows! This isn’t a product per say but trust me past experience has shown me the light to getting someone good to do your brows. Also don’t just go to a random place; go somewhere were they know how to do brows. If your current beautician has bad brows chances are she/he isn’t the best at shaping them.

Are you big on brows too?

Nat xoxo

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