Thursday, 21 July 2011

My staple boots!

So who is loving Sydney at the moment?!?! The weather today was horrible. The rain and wind were insane, and by insane I mean INSANE! I had to farewell 2 beloved umbrellas (well not really beloved, but more kept my hair dry), one of which I bought today due to the demise of my other day.
As such I thought it would be a good day to pull out my boots! I love boots and they are great for the rain (I’m not really a gumboot sort of girl, reminds me too much of the country side/farm land).

Me and my boots at uni. Taken with Instagram 
My and my boots at Gloria Jeans. Taken with Instagram
Aren’t they awesome!

I really do love these boots. I got them a few years ago and I have to say they would have to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made; I’ve worn them to death. I like that they are knee height because they are the perfect length for tucking in my jeans (note the photo). They also have a classic look to them so they pretty much go with everything.

I teamed these awesome boots with my red jeans (also love these jeans) and a black tee; I know me in a black tee, shocking!

So it turns out wearing happy clothes and shoes does put you in a good mood!

What do you think of my black boots? 
Do you think they work well with the red jeans? (Please say yes because I wear this combo a fair bit and I would hate to think I’ve been looking like a loser)

Do you have a staple pair of boots?

Nat xoxo

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  1. Like the boots, love the red jeans (still).
    However I do have to say I love a good gumboot. Especially in this weather. It doesn't remind me of country it reminds me of being a little kid jumping in puddles! :)