Friday, 29 July 2011

Outfit Today: Boots and Blazer Take 2

So today I wore my classic boots and blazer combo. If you read my blog you may think this is the same outfit as last week, but its NOT!

There is one major key difference, the blazer. The blazer I wore today is a really get piece in my blazer collection. It used to be my mum’s in the 80’s and now it is mine. It’s a really great wool blend and has amazing shoulder pads (I know and know I’m not drunk or high, I really like shoulder pads sometimes)!

I also love that this blazer is oversized. It’s the perfect cold day, jeans and boots combo (so perfect for a day like today).  

So what do you think?

Love an oversized blazer?

Think I should send my shoulder pads back to the 80’s?

Nat xoxo

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