Monday, 25 July 2011

Shoes: What I'm Wearing Today

So one of my life mantras is ‘life is too short to wear sensible shoes’ (hence the name of my blog). However I have kind of taken this to the next level, by pretty much buying as many pairs of shoes as I possibly can. I really do love shoes!
I have featured the odd shoe every now and then in my blogs, but I think I have been under-representing shoes considering my passion for them.
As such I tried to correct this last week (see some posts HERE and HERE and HERE), and I think it’s going to become a regular update (but we shall see).
So here are the fabulous shoes I’m wearing today! YAY!

Aren’t they amazing! My outfit today is really all about the shoe. I’m wearing skinny oil-slick black jeans (they are called second skins actually lol), a black tee (shocking I know!) and an army green military style cardigan. So not the most vibrant outfit, UNTIL to see the shoes that is!
I should also add that these lovely little wedges add about 6 inches to my high, so they really do make a statement.
I also thought my awesome Chanel Black Pearl nail polish, which I’m wearing also deserved a mention.

What do you think of my shoes?
Do you agree that life is too short to wear sensible shoes?
Nat xoxo


  1. those shoes are literally AMAZING. so up my street. hot! xox

  2. thanks! :)

    I got them at Aldo in NYC. here is their website:

    They might have something similar.