Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Shoes: What I'm wearing today

Today was a work day (not a uni day), so I was back strutting my stuff in some awesome heels! Well I wasn’t so much strutting because I did a 10km run yesterday and my legs are killing me. You might also question why I was wearing heels if my legs were sore and the answer to that is, life is too short to wear sensible shoes!

I really love these shoes, because they are a great nude heel with a twist. Also they are really high and comfortable. What more could you want in a shoe?!
I teamed my funky nude heels with my smoky brown woolen wide-legged pants, white tee (that’s right WHITE not Black) and Black Blazer (I really had to get Black in there somewhere). I also pulled my out my amazing Swarovski crystal cross.

I got this when I was in Europe a few years ago and it’s a bit of a show-stopper.
What do you think?
Love the shoes?
Nat xoxo

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