Saturday, 23 July 2011

Essie Spring 2011 Collection Part 2

I have finally finished trying out the entire French Affair Collection (finally)! In case you forgot, I have already reviewed half of the collection, Sand Tropez, French Affair and Coat Azure.

And here is my review of the second half.

Week 4: Nice is Nice

I really LOVE this color. It’s such a perfect light pretty shade. Essie describes this color as a lovely whimsical light lavender, and that’s exactly what it is.   
So my rating for ‘Nice is nice’ is DELIGHTFUL…or 9.5/10.

Week 5: Topless & Barefoot

This color is really similar to ‘Sand Tropez’ only lighter (hence the implied naked-ness in the name). This is a really lovely nude color that is great when you want that ‘not really wearing nail polish’ look.
So the verdict is PERFECT NUDE! (I know that is 2 words but I thought it was necessary) Or 8.5/10
Week 6: Kisses & Bises

I wasn’t too sure when I first saw this color, it looked like it would be a bit of a nothing color. But it ended up surprising me.
This is a really nice ‘nothing’ color. It’s on the verge of being clear, but there is a bit of an off-white hue and a light pink/purple shimmer.
My rating for Kisses & Bises is SURPRISING or 7/10!

What do you think of the Essie French Affair collection?

Have you tried any of the colors?

Nat xoxo

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