Friday, 22 July 2011

Outfit today: Boots and Blazer

The boots are getting a workout this week! I’m wearing them again today.
MY BOOTS! Taken with Instagram
Aren’t they awesome!
Today I’m teaming them with some classic blue skinny jeans, a red stripy shirt and another black blazer (I said I had a few of them)!

Taken with Instagram

I really love this blazer because it has a military-esque feel to it. I also love the stripy detail on the cuffs and in the lining (it’s the same as the cuff since you can’t see!). Plus it was only $21 USD for Forever 21! Shopping in the US really isn’t overrated!
Some said I looked a bit French today. I’m assuming due to the read stripy shirt; it’s very stereotypical French (I also have the same shirt in blue). Maybe I should have looked into a beret!
So, are we feeling the outfit today?
Nat xoxo

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