Saturday, 20 August 2011

International Beauty and Spa Expo

I’m a little bit behind in blog posts! This week has just been crazy; I’ve had so much to do and I can’t believe it’s Saturday night already!

So last Sunday, after the City to Surf, I went to the International Beauty and Spa Expo. It was pretty epic and there was so much there it was hard to take it all in (especially after a 14 km run too!), but I did manage to find out about some awesome things!

Some of these aren’t new to market, but I thought I would mention them because…well because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want! JKS! I did think they were awesome and hopefully you don’t know about them yet so you can have an awesome “WOW” moment like I did last week.

Like my new fancy artwork?! I downloaded Gimp (like Photoshop, but free!). I may warn you now that there will be some armature Photoshop style images coming up over the next few week… I know you are excited, so am I!

Lust Have It packs. Now I found out at the expo that they are lunching a Bronzing Mouse! How exciting is that! And what is even more exciting is that they were selling them at the expo so I bought it.

See I really have gone crazy with the artwork!

I tried it out today and so far I love it. Because I’m so pale I have to be really careful with fake tanners since they have a tendency to turn me orange. But Naked Tan gives me a lovely natural color.

The second thing I discovered was Minx Nails. Minx is a new nail technology that uses paint strips and heat to adhere the strip to the nail. So kind of like the Sally Hanson strips, only better. I got my pinkie finger done an awesome gold.

What do you think?! Pretty kool huh?? A full set of these will set you back $45-50, but it’s quick and easy plus I’ve had mine for a week now and it hasn’t chipped or anything.

Third is the Beauty Pod. Now this isn’t new, but I haven’t tried it yet so I thought it was worth a mention. It’s a special sponge that is designed to apply foundation and concealed. If you haven’t heard of this one, maybe you have heard of the Beautyblender.

Anyway if you haven’t tired the Beauty Pod I do highly recommend; it’s fabulous. I don’t wear liquid foundation much, but when I do I like it to look natural and the Beauty Pod does a great job of making it look natural!

The final thing that I wanted to mention is Rae Morris’ launch of her brush collection. I had a look at these and they look AMAZING! 

However a set of 26 brushes will set you back $899. Personally I don’t have that much money to spend but you can be sure they are going to be amazing!

And That’s All Folks! Hope you liked my sassy artwork!

Nat xoxo


  1. I want the brush set lol.

    I did hear after they hype goes down that they will be sold separately.

  2. Yeah they do look pretty amazing! I'm sure each one is going to cost a bit as well. I might have to stick to my Sigma brushes for now lol

  3. I love your nails in that photo!! that gold nail is seriously awesome!! think I'm going to have to replicate it.. :)