Monday, 15 August 2011

Outfit Today: Black and Yellow

Well that’s a bit of a lie because it’s more black and beige.
This photo makes my blazer look more yellow! A very pale yellow but yellow none the less!
I’m wearing my ‘new’ (aka stole from Mum’s wardrobe) beige (or Yellow for the purposed of this blog post’s title) blazer, black skinny ‘second skin’ jeans and black shirt. I really love this black shirt because it’s a nicer option then a t-shirt and it also fits really nicely. It was a little European Zara purchase a few years ago and I have gotten some good mileage out of it.
I was a wee bit tired this am because I had the City to Surf yesterday, so I didn’t attempt to do anything crazy as I was sure if I was going to get it wrong it would be today.
What do you think of my ‘safe’ clothing option today?
Do you think my blazer can fall into a weird yellow category?
Nat xoxo

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