Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shoes: New Purchases!

If you read my blog (or have even just looked at the title) you will know that I love shoes. And by love I mean obsessed, in a fairly unhealthy way. I have so many pairs of shoes that they are in 3 different places in my house. My justification for having so many pairs of shoes is because a) my foot hasn’t grown since I was in year 8 (yep I have a small foot with a 6.5 shoe size) and b) you need to have variety because you never know what you are going to wear. I’ll admit that the second reason isn’t so crash hot, but it works for me!

I haven’t bought any shoes for a while, which is a big thing for me. So when I did my tax last week and discovered that I was getting a nice little sum back I thought the best thing to do with some of the money was BUY SHOES! As soon as I lodged my tax I was on the Steve Madden website looking at shoes.

Lucky for me my Aunt is in New York at the moment staying with my cousin, so I could order the shoes and send them to her place and my wonderful Aunt offered to bring them back for me. YAY!

These are the shoes that I have ordered!

Aren’t they amazing! I can’t wait until I get them next month and needless to say they will be featuring in some blog posts.

Like my new shoes?

And I the question is who doesn’t love shoes??

Nat xoxo

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