Wednesday, 31 August 2011

IMATS – Interview with Donna Mee

I’m sure you read my last IMATS Interview blog post featuring Elessa Jade. Now on to my 2nd IMATS interview with keynote speaker Donna Mee.
Donna Mee is a make-up artist who has been in the industry for 27 years (pretty damn long time) and she is making a special trip to Sydney for the IMATS, so how awesome this event is going to be?!
I really love speaking to make-up artists because they always have these great insider tips and tricks for not only make-up but also skincare. It’s also amazing how much about skincare they do know.
So here is my interview with Donna Mee…

NM: Being a make-up artist you must see people without make-up on a lot. Do you find having good skin is more important than any make-up product you apply?
DM: Absolutely.  Most women use makeup to “cover up” what they are not happy about such as uneven complexion, redness, acne/blemishes and dark circles. Sadly, the average woman does not know much about skin, how it works, what its needs are and how they should maintain healthy skin, prevent aging and/or correct their skin issues.  Most women only know what the cosmetic companies tell us to think, when in fact people in the marketing department (who also don’t know about skin) determine that.
I really love this comment from Donna. It’s so true and being in the advertising business myself I know how true that is. Also part of the reason I really hunt to find amazing products.
NM: What are the 5 beauty products every woman should own?
DM: In skin care…A non-foaming cleanser Clean, An alcohol-free toner, Moisturizer, Night cream, Eye cream, Lip balm. In regard to makeup… It depends on whatever her “beauty issues” are.  If she has fair eyelashes, then perhaps mascara is a priority. Downcast eyes? A lash curler and mascara can do wonders. Bad skin? Foundation & concealer is her friend…. Etc.
NM: What is your best skincare tip?
DM: Throw away the foaming cleanser and toners with alcohol!  They just age you faster each time they are used.
Didn’t know that! Awesome tip!
NM: What is your best beauty tip?
DM: See above. ;)
NM: Your book The Beauty Conspiracies is due for release next year. Any sneaky pieces of information about the book you can give away?
DM: The Beauty Conspiracies will cover the "Truth" about beauty and expose the myths, misunderstandings and the plethora of marketing scams and false claims in the industry. But the book is on hold because I was asked to write 9 separate mini beauty books for the Dummies chain that are all due in the next 8 months.   The first one will be Eyebrows for Dummies, followed by Concealing for Dummies, Smokey Eyes for Dummies, etc.
I can’t wait for these books to come out! Donna really knows her stuff so I’m sure these books will each be little gems packed full of great stuff.
How amazing is Donna?! She really seems to know her stuff and has obviously collected so many great pieces of information over her 27 years in the industry.
You can see Donna Mee at the IMATS on Saturday 24th September from 2:30-3:30pm or on Sunday 25th September from 1:45-2:45pm.
Nat xoxo

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