Monday, 1 August 2011

Outfit Today: Vintage and Irregular Choice

Today I thought I would be brave and wear a dress! I really hate wearing dresses in winter for the pure fact that I’m not a fan of stockings and tights. They always add muffin top, or don’t sit right or role…all in all plain annoying! None the less I thought I would suck it up and wear one of my favourite dresses!

I bought this dress last year from a vintage shop online (don’t remember which one as I was on a bit of a vintage craze). I love that it’s a great electric blue colour and also it has this awesome glitter detail on it. I also love wearing this dress with my vintage black blazer (which I bought from my mum’s wardrobe!). It’s my chic corporate look. I’m also wearing voodoo stockings, which aren’t too annoying but I’m still not a fan. AND I’m also wearing my tape measure Irregular Choice shoes!

I LOVE these shoes! I bought them when I was in Edinburgh a few years ago and I have worn them to death. They are really so fantastic. The tape measure really tops them off beautifully and gives them a little something extra. These shoes also started my obsession with Irregular Choice Shoes. If you don’t know what Irregular Choice shoes are I highly recommend you check out their website, a must for all shoe-a-holics!
What do you think of my outfit today?
Crushing on my Irregular Choice Tape Measure shoes?
Nat xoxo

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