Thursday, 11 August 2011

Shopping tips from me to you…

If you read my blog, you would have read my rant about the cost of products here in Australia and why said mark-up pretty much has me laughing when the press cries “poor retailer!”…

So in order to stick it to the man (70’s fashion is back why can’t 70’s attitudes follow), I’ve decided to do another post on how you can buy products cheaper! Now because I’m not pure evil (I’m only the diet coke of evil…well maybe the coke zero of evil) I will also mention some tips when buying things from retailers here in Australia (well 1 because that’s all they get! See this is where the evil comes in).

If you have a favorite brand, check out their website! With e-commerce taking off over the past few years, many brands are cutting out the middle man and selling things directly off their website. This is really good because it means that the brand controls how much things are, so it’s worth checking out. As I mentioned in my last post, I buy all my NUDE skincare products from their website because its about 50% cheaper.

Don’t forget ebay! A lot of companies are starting little shops on EBay because it’s more cost efficient to sell things there. So I highly recommend jumping on ebay if you are after something. People are a bit skeptical about this because people do sell fakes. I always check out the rating of the seller and see if they have any negative comments. Also once I find a seller I stick with them. I’ve saved heaps of money buying things off ebay!

Check out overseas department stores! Some of the big department stores in the US ship to Australia, such as Saks. It’s really worth checking out because you can buy things so much cheaper then here.

If you want to buy something wait! This is a little tip for buying things in Australia. Things go on sale all the time! For example I saw this top in Sportsgirl that I wanted to buy, went back the following week and it was on-sale. If you do find something and you really love it, can’t live without it then I would recommend just buying it, but if you can hold out for a few weeks do and see if it goes on sale.

Check out a shipping website like HopShopGo! HopShopGo is a website specially designed for buying things in the US. They supply you with a US shipping address and then for a small commission and postage costs they send your shopping to you. There are a few of these around but I’ve been told HopShopGo is the best.
So I hope you like my tips and hope they help you save some money!

Nat xoxo


  1. HopShopGo looks awesome! especially for overseas brands that don't ship to Australia!

  2. Yeah I've used it and I know heaps of people who have used it and never had a problem! It makes shopping too easy!