Monday, 5 September 2011

Almay Smoky-I Competition

I recently entered the PRIMPED Almay Smoky-I competition (YAY)! And I really want to WIN…Basically what I had to do was make a 3 minute video tutorial showing how I create a smoky eye look using the Almay Smoky-I palette. Then you enter the competition on the PRIMPED site and try and get people to vote for you.
And that is where you lovely people come in! I need votes! Because I want to WIN!…pretty simple really.
And if that hasn’t convinced you to help me out and vote, see these awesome shots of me sporting my Almay Smoky-I…


Bet you want to vote for me now?! Yes?!

So show me some love and VOTE! And if you really want to show me alotta love get your friends to vote too!

Nat xoxo
P.S. I hope that didn’t reek of desperation. I just really love winning. Only child you see. My parents tried really hard to drum that “must win” out of me but alas no success *sigh*

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