Tuesday, 20 September 2011

For the love of facials…

I have a confession to make; it’s only been in the past year that I have started to get facials. I know for someone who preaches all things skincare, I really should have started getting them earlier. Truth be told, I have had them in the pat, but I never enjoyed the experience so from the age of 16 I pretty much stopped getting them until…

I was taken to Danks St Beauty with a media owner as a thank you (I know hard job I have) and I loved every minute of it. My face wasn’t red, it didn’t hurt and more importantly my skin looked amazing. So I have been hooked ever since.

And it’s a might good thing I started going as well!

The lovely Danks St Beauty salon. It really is lovely. I highly recommend. They also use Dermalogica products.

See I have been told that your facialist (yep my own work) not only gets to know your skin really well so they know exactly how to treat it, but they can also help you with your skin routine. Because they are experts they are also able to tell you things about your skin that you might not even have known yourself.

See facials make you happy!

This was something that happened to me on Saturday. I went to get a facial and I found that that my skin was pretty dry. I have never though of my skin being dry because I have such an oily T-Zone. But apparently I have combination/dry skin with an oily T-Zone. Go figure. So I should be using hydrating products and then just treat the oil with make-up as opposed to skincare. It was a “are you serious” moment. But I’m really glad that I found out so I can amend a few things in my skincare routine.

So there you have it. Getting a facial is a really good idea! I think the main thing is finding a place that you like; make sure you like the products and like the person giving you a facial, because they are working on your face after all.

Nat xoxo

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