Tuesday, 27 September 2011

ABBW – Day 1: Saturday 24th

Day 1 of the ABBW was amazing, much like the rest of the ABBW! We started off the day going to the IMATS.

The IMATS was a pretty amazing and very overwhelming. There was so much to see and discover. I got a chance to see Elessa Jade display some of her awesome make-up skills and got the chance to do a mini interview with her, which I really loved and she gave me an awesome pink bow headband.

After the IMATS we had a seminar put on for us by The Beauty Directory. I really enjoyed this seminar because they covered off how bloggers should deal with PR and the media, gave so tips and tricks and also explained the etiquette. There was also a panel with Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries, Eleanor Pendleton the beauty editor from InStyle and Jackie Maxted from the Beauty Directory. The Seminar featured 3 niche/cult brands come and talk to us, Lapurete, Pure Therapy and Trishave. 

Here is a breakdown of the brands and their products:

Lapurete has a range of skincare products that are made from natural ingredients and features a secret that has the same effect as Botox. The secret ingredient in Lapurete is Okuru, which is a plant found in Western Africa. The seeds in Okuru contain a combination of peptides that minimise wrinkles. Lapurete has a cult following in the celebrity world and is starting to be talked about. Personally I love cult products, so I was quite excited to hear about this range. We got to choose between the Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Cream; I chose the Day Cream.

Pure Therapy has a range of skin and body products designed for people with sensitive skin and for people with skin conditions. Pure Therapy is made preservative free and contain oatmeal and fatty acids. We got a few products in the range to try.

Trishave has a range of shaving cream like products and moisturising products for men and women. The Shaving Creams are desired to cleanse the skin, soften the hair for shaving and prevent ingrown hairs. The moisturising lotions are all SPF 30+, are really sensitive, non-greasy and also designed to sooth the skin after shaving. We received the entire range. I have given the men’s range to my boyfriend to try and so far he seems to like it.

After the seminar we also got bombarded with another amazing goodie bag and a special ABBW Lust Have It Pack!

We finished the day with an amazing dinner event at the Establishment hosted by Maxted Thomas. There will be an epic blog post on this event, because well the event was epic.

And that was just the 1st day!

Nat xoxo

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