Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ABBW – Day 2: Sunday 25th

Day 1 of the ABBW was a pretty epic day, so who knew day 2 would be just as amazing?!

We started the day with an Alpha-H event. This was a great event because we got to learn all about their Liquid Gold product. I’m not a sucker for advertising and a good PR spin, the results of working in the Media industry, but I was seriously impressed with this product. The lovely Alpha-H ladies knew the product so well you would have thought they had hand made it. They answered everyone’s questions and seemed to live and breathe the product. We were lucky to get an introductory Liquid Gold kit, which I have started to use and so far I love it!

Following our Alpha-H education, we had a Face Of Australia make-up training session. Face Of Australia started it’s 1st Look-Book in August and we go to see the looks 1st hand. Make-Up Artist Kirsty Dolores took us through the looks, plus the lovely people at Face Of Australia gave us each a bag full of full sized make-up products to create these looks ourselves.

I also found 2 really great tips:

1. Highlighting brings forth and Bronzing recedes. So when you highlight a part of your face it becomes more noticeable and Bronzing adds depth. I know that might sound pretty basic, but I’ve never thought about it like that before.

2. You need to change the way you highlight and bronze your face based on your face shape.

Another handy hint, if you can’t work out the shape of your face, trace it with eyeliner or lipstick or some cream product in the mirror. That will help you work out your face shape.

Can you believe the day did not stop there?? Procter & Gamble sponsored our final event of the day. They organized for Bahar Etmian the creator of to come in and give us a keynote speech. I have to say, I loved this keynote. It was so great to hear Bahar talk about her experiences in the beauty industry and also hear her valuable advice. It was really inspiring and a great way to end the ABBW!

And that’s my summary of the amazing events of the ABBW! It was such an amazing experience and really helped further my knowledge of the beauty industry and allowed me to meet some really great people. I can’t wait for ABBW 2012; I’m sure it’s going to be bigger and better (if that is even possible)!

Nat xoxo

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