Wednesday, 28 September 2011

IMATS - Finally!

As I have mentioned numerous times, I attended the IMATS as part of the ABBW. I was really excited about the IMATS because as being part of the ABBW I had the opportunity to e-mail interview Elessa Jade, Donna Mee and Napoleon Perdis prior to the IMATS event.

So by the time the event came around I was pretty excited and I’m very happy to report that the event was excellent. The overload of beauty stands and information was overwhelming, but in a very good way. I was able to find out information on some really great brands that I hadn’t heard of or tired before. I could really write an endless post about everything from the IMAST, but I have summarised it down to my highlights. 

Illamasqua were selling products for about 1/3 of the price that they are normally. I haven’t tried Illamasqua products before but I have heard friends, blogger and make-up artists all mention how great their products are. So I thought while they were so cheap I would take advantage and grab a few for myself.

I picked myself up a nail varnish in Propaganda (Love the name! LOVE!), 2x fine eye pencils in Classic and Uncanny and a precision ink gel liner in Alchemy. So far I have tried the fine liner in Uncanny and the precision ink in Alchemy and love them!

I’ve heard some really great things about Inglot, who also had a stand at the IMATS. I have wanted to try Inglot’s Freedom Palattes for a while, so I picked myself up a really awesome palette with 4 x rainbow palettes.

I know I could have gone all out and got some crazy colors, but I wear neutral colors all the time so I thought it would be the best way to try them out.

Not to brag, but since we were part of the ABBW we did get some special treatment. We were offered a free lucky drip gift from Serge Louis Alvarez. SLA is a make-up company from France and will be launching a new bio collection soon. I spoke to one of the brand mangers about the range sounds really nice.

On to the lucky dip!

I got a blush mirage in Peach. This product is actually really cool. It looks like a lipgloss and goes on like a powder. Once blended in it turned into a cream-like blush. It’s pretty impressive.

We also had some lovely VIP treatment from Royal & Langickel. They booked a private area for all the ABBWers where we could relax, have some nibbles and also get our make-up touched up and nails done. If that wasn’t enough they also gave us a lovely brush kit.

This actually came at a really good time because my brushes are starting to look a bit gross and I’ve been thinking about investing in some more.

While I was at the IMATS I thought it would be good to see one of the speakers that they had. And I saw Elessa Jade do a make-up demonstration.

I was also able to do a short interview with Elessa Jade after, and I have to say she is so lovely. She is really friendly and also really easy to talk to (which makes interviewing a lot easier! Trust me!).

Elessa Jade said that when she started her beauty site she didn’t start a blog, but it ended up getting labelled that way. She also said that it was important to find your niche when blogging a stick to it. Moving on to make-up, Elessa said that due to the brights and prints that Australian women wear, they tend to stick to “natural” make-up looks. A good way to introduce colour into your make-up routine is through eyeliner. It’s a very subtle way to add colour without being over the top.

I would also like to point out that Elessa was wearing Jeffery Campbell shoes.

And that was my IMATS experience!

Nat xoxo 

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