Monday, 26 September 2011

ABBW – It’s a wrap!

The ABBW is over and let me tell you it was EPIC! It was honestly one of the most amazing, crazy, information-overloaded, exciting and beauty packed weekends I’ve ever had.

I would say the key take-outs of the weekend would be:
1) There are some awesome beauty bloggers in Australia.

2) The IMATS is a pretty amazing event.

3) I didn’t know there were so many beauty products out there (trust me there are heaps and they are now taking over my living room until I work out what to do with them).

This was the tip of the iceberg trust me!
4) Companies/Brands seem to love bloggers and are REALLY generous with the products they give out. This really did surprise me!

5) Maxted Thomas PR throw amazing events and work with some really great brands.

6) Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries and Jacie from You’ve Got Nail are superwomen! They really are. The ABBW was fab and they pretty much did everything to make sure it was fab.
I’ve already covered off what amazing products that we got when we registered and would you believe it didn’t stop there! I will be doing posts summing up each day so you will have to wait to see the amazing bags/products we got. But I’m seriously going to be blogging about this weekend for the next year (pretty much until ABBW2012).
I just wanted to take some time to thank everyone involved for making this such an amazing weekend, for not only me but also the 83 other bloggers who I’m sure had an amazing time as well. It was so humbling and astonishing at the generosity and the time spent making sure that we had the best time possible.
Kimmi and Jacie, I really think you need to add Superwoman to your credentials because how you organized a weekend like this is beyond me.
More posts are going to follow this week showcasing everything that we got and also some products that I’m going to be trying out ASAP because they look pretty damn amazing. So watch this space!
Nat xoxo