Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Urban Remedy - Juice Cleanse Day 1

Juice Cleanse Day 1. I was so excited when my Urban Remedy Juices showed up Sunday night, it was like Christmas. I wasn't really nervous about the cleanse or worried about how I wouldn't go not eating. I guess the payout of feeling amazing was enough incentive for me.

I started my day with hot water and lemon as recommend (I do this every morning anyway) and had my 1st juice at 9am when I got to work.

Can I say YUM! I loved this juice! it was really tasty and also really filling.

I had the 2nd juice at 11:30 am

This one was really refreshing. I'm a huge lemon fan so I really liked it. It helped settle my stomach from the very filling 1st juice.

I had the 3rd juice at 1:30pm.

I have to say I wasn't a major fan of this one, which is weird because I like everything that's in it. So I only had about half of it.

I had the 4th juice at 3pm.

This one I really liked as well. It was really refreshing.

I had the 5th juice at 5pm.

It was really nice a good veggie infusion. I only had half though because I wanted to have some on number 6 to give myself a bit of an energy kick before pole.

And last but not least I had some of the 6th juice at 5:45pm

OMG! This was the most amazing juice ever! It had a lovely flavor and really is a great way to end the day.

Not once during the day have I felt hungry which is amazing. I thought I would having lots of herbal tea to keep hunger at bay, but that wasn't the case. I also feel pretty good! I have quite a lot of energy and haven't really had any "detox" symptoms.
I'm looking forward to see how I feel tomorrow.

Nat xoxo


  1. I love reading about these Urban Remedy juice cleanses!

    1. Yeah they are really good! I highly recommend. Day 3 and I'm feeling great.