Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Urban Remedy - Juice Cleanse Day 2

Juice Cleanse Day 2. I'm not going to lie today was harder. Although I wasn't really hungry or tired I missed eating. But I didn't cheat! I figured anything in life that you need to work at has a better payout.

I have found my energy levels have been really good. I haven't been tired at all, which is fab and was one of the benefits I was really looking forward to.

I pretty much kept the timings the same as today only I swapped Juice 3 for Juice 5 because I really liked number 5 and felt like having it earlier in the day.

There was a point during the day when I saw everyone eating little snacks that I did feel very tempted but I managed to resist. Plus I had juice number 6 to look forward to! Yum Yum!

But I made it through the day feeling clean and energized! Bring on day 3.

Nat xoxo

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